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Ceramic coating

NEP Certified Products Public purchasing and product information
Name : Glass flake and ceramic metal-based resin-based waterproofing and anti-corrosion agent
Certification : NEP-MKE-2009-025
Model [Category name] : 12164999 [Other waterproof material]
- As a surface coating material for new construction and repair and reinforcement of construction,
after applying protective coating material
- Improved problems (peeling, bulging, cracking, discoloration)

- Crack protection Waterproof, anti-deterioration and environmentally friendly hygienic surface coating
- Coating material that prevents diffusion and permeation of water and water vapor
- Korea Water Resources Corporation, KEPCO, KHNP, etc.
Features Detail
Weatherability High durability 방오성
Abrasion resistance Eco-friendly Chemical resistance
Excellent economy Strong adhesion Suitable for drinking water
Cera Coat Coating System

Cera Coat Coating System is a surface protection and repair / reinforcement method of concrete structure which prevents deterioration factors (H20, O2, CI, etc.) penetrating into concrete surface to prevent aging of concrete.

이 시스템은 It is a ceramic repair agent and coating agent made of materials such as nano ceramic flake, functional polymer, and ceramic powder. When applied, the functional polymer penetrates deeply into the concrete surface to form a three-dimensional network structure Nanoceramic flakes are arranged in the form of a plate in the coating film, so that penetration of the deterioration factor into the coating film is fundamentally cut off, thereby dramatically increasing the durability of the target facility.
Functional polymer
When a modified silicone resin synthesized from hydrolyzed polysiloxane and epichlorohydrin and siliconamine reacted with an alkoxymethysiloxane and an amine are mixed together, the ring-opening addition reaction by active hydrogen and the three-dimensional network structure between alkoxy groups And is a functional polymer having excellent surface adhesion and low surface tension resistance.
Modified silicone resin Silicon amine
Strong surface adhesion!
Excellent anti-contamination performance by low expression tension!
Functional polymer
Nano-ceramic flakes

Nano Flake Particle photograph
Plate-like Ganano Ceramic Flake They are arranged in the horizontal direction to prevent penetration of corrosive and deterioration inducing factors to prevent aging of concrete structures
- Coated cross-section layer