BNB38 years of corrosion prevention know-how


The world's best technology research institute with the highest technology

Our research institute is a corporate research institute founded by BNB CO.,LTD.

BNB Research Institute is a research institute that researches new technologies in all fields related to corrosion prevention through development of repair agents and coatings using ceramic resin and nanoceramic flake technology.

Based on our many years of research and development experience, creativity and expertise, we have developed new products in various special fields such as underwater hardening technology, anti-salt neutralization technology, anti-illegal advertising sticking prevention technology and marine anti-fouling technology. We are devoted to research as a goal.

Through research and development, we are striving to become a research institute that can acquire innovative technologies and be recognized as the best technology not only in Korea but also in the world.

- BNB CO.,LTD. R&D employees -