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Ceramic Maintenance

NEP Certified Products Public purchasing and product information
Name : High abrasion resistance repair and strengthening agent for metal
Certification : NEP-MKE-2011-002
Model [Category name] : 12164999 [Other waterproofing materials]
- As a maintenance / reinforcing agent for abrasion resistance of metal beams,
it improves the problems (chipping, cracking, peeling) after metal repair agent application

- Penetration resistance enhancement product to prevent high-temperature working
and moisture-bubbling corrosion
- Improved crack resistance to prevent cracking due to shrinkage expansion
- Adhesion improvement product which improves peeling phenomenon due to high humidity
at the time of re-coating interval non-compliance
- KEPCO Headquarters, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Atomic Energy
Headquarters, Heavy Industries, POSCO, etc.
Features Detail
Excellent mechanical strength Mechanically processable Long life cost savings
Impact resistance Reinforcement of weld Excellent insulating property
Atometal New Technology Features
After reinforcing welds that are vulnerable to corrosion and strength Method Processing New Method