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Ceramic coating

NEP Certified Products Public purchasing and product information
Name : Glass flake and ceramic metal-based resin-based waterproofing and anti-corrosion agent
Certification : NEP-MKE-2009-025
Model [Category name] : 12164999 [Other waterproof material]
- As a surface coating material for new construction and repair and reinforcement of construction,
after applying protective coating material
- Improved problems (peeling, bulging, cracking, discoloration)

- Crack protection Waterproof, anti-deterioration and environmentally friendly hygienic surface coating
- Coating material that prevents diffusion and permeation of water and water vapor
- Korea Water Resources Corporation, KEPCO, KHNP, etc.
Features Detail
Name Application File
Primers for concrete
- All concrete structures such as water, medicine
- Reservoir, cleansing pond, pumping station, filter paper, sedimentation tank, inside tunnel etc.
Water soluble primers for concrete
- Underground of various concrete underground structures
- Reservoir, cleansing pond, pumping station, filter paper, sedimentation tank, inside tunnel etc.
Concrete base adjustment agent
- Crack repair and plugging of inside / outside cement, concrete floor, wall of building
- Various joint filling
Water-soluble other modifier for concrete
- Cement, concrete floor and wall crack repair and finishing
- Adjustment of the surface of concrete structures
High alkali organic rust inhibitor
- Reinforced concrete structures, facilities where corrosion is to be avoided
Rebar Rustproof Paste
- Corrosion inhibition of reinforced structures
Rust-resistant section restorative
- Repair of section of concrete structure
- Crack repair and plugging of inside / outside cement, concrete floor and wall of buildings
Rustproof surface covering material
- Surface adjustment, repair and corrosion inhibition of concrete structures
Heavy-duty for concrete
- Concrete constructions
- Reservoir, settlement paper, industrial park, sedimentation paper, tunnel interior, etc.
High weatherability
- Tunnels, underpasses for internal use
- Metal (steel, zinc plated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc.), yo industry (tiles, ceramics, glass products)
For water pipe
- Various kinds of water pipes, inside / outside of new pipes
- Maintenance / reinforcement method inside the old channel
For medicine
- Water, medicine, oil (including wastewater treatment facilities) Storage iron, concrete tank
- Protection of major facilities such as steelworks, smelters, and plating plants
For intravenous drug
AM-C-O 430
- Marine structures, water and chemicals (including wastewater treatment facilities) Storage tanks
- Super corrosion resistant tank, pipe, chemical lining and heat-resistant tank
Primer for steel
- Anti-rust primer of various iron structures